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Aggregate Driveway Sealing - The Stain and Seal Co. | Nashville


Why you need your aggregate driveway sealed

Aggregate driveway after it has been sealed.

Solid concrete and aggregate are the two most common forms of concrete driveways. Exposed aggregate driveways are a beautiful alternative to solid concrete. Aggregate driveways consist of solid concrete base that has the top layer removed, exposing the material that makes the concrete. Other names for this type of surface are called “pea gravel” or “exposed chip” concrete.

If left un-sealed, freezing water can cause the aggregate layer to crack, break off or separate from the solid concrete base. This type of damage is irreversible but we can reduce the risk of it happening. To reduce the risk of damage to your aggregate driveway or patio we recommend cleaning and sealing. One of our crews will come out to clean and prepare the surface on the first day and after the area is completely dry (usually the next day) we’ll come back out and seal the aggregate patio or driveway. The result is a beautiful surface that will last for years.

Proper aggregate concrete cleaning and sealing should include the following steps:
  • Remove any debris and foreign objects.
  • Pressure wash the entire area.
  • Wait for the area to completely dry.
  • Repair minor cracks if possible.
  • Seal the aggregate surface.
  • After a few hours of curing the surface is ready to be walked on.

Need your aggregate driveway, patio or courtyard restored and looking better than new?

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