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Concrete Floor Staining and Sealing - The Stain and Seal Co. | Nashville


What is concrete staining?

Ballroom floor after staining and sealing
Stained concrete floor with decorative squares and border.
epoxy floor coating for residential concrete floors
A stained concrete floor with grid lines to make it look like tile.

Does your home or business have a concrete slab hidden under dirty carpet, tile or in a basement? Your new or existing concrete floor can he transformed into a beautiful stained surface. Stained interior concrete floors are beautiful, durable and easy to clean. We offer both traditional acid staining as well as modem concrete dyes and coloring systems. With multiple options to choose from you’re sure to get the floor that is right for you.

Reactive Acid Staining:

Acid Stains chemically react with minerals in the concrete to highlight the natural variations in concrete. Acid stains are permanent and great for coloring concrete. Due to the chemical reaction between the acid and concrete the end result is unique to each floor resulting a truly remarkable finish.

Concrete Dyes:

Concrete dyes are a great way to color concrete. These penetrating dyes easily add color to existing interior concrete. As an alternative to acid staining this coloring method provides an elegant decorative appearance without the use of harsh chemicals. They also have the unique ability to be mixed with water or acetone as the carver.

There are many different choices when it comes to deciding which top-coat sealer is right for your decorative concrete floor. Durability, cost and appearance will all play a part in the decision you make. We offer a wide range of sealer options and have beautiful full size samples to help you choose which one is right for your project.

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