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Fence Cleaning and Staining - The Stain and Seal Co. | Nashville


Why should I stain my fence?

Stained deck and fence giving it the look of being new.
A fence gate before and after our comprehensive staining process.

The wooden privacy or picket fence around your yard or property can either be a dramatic back-drop or a miserable eyesore. Your fence protects your property, pets and children. So why do so many people neglect to protect their fence? When exposed to sun, rain and snow, unprotected wood will quickly begin to turn gray and begin to deteriorate. Whether it is built of pine, cedar or any other wood. It is especially important to protect your wood fence from both the UV sunlight as well as water and moisture.

Staining and sealing your fence will not only extend the life of your fence, but also keep it looking beautiful for years to come. We use only professional grade penetrating oil stains that beautifully stain, seal and condition your wood with both drying and non-drying oils. Using a pigmented stain rather than just a clear sealer is very important. The pigments are what reflect the harmful ultra-violet light away from your fence. Clear sealers will protect against water and moisture. but will soon allow the wood to tum gray from the harmful UV light.

As with most restoration or home improvement projects, proper cleaning and preparation is always the most important step. Our time spent on your fence restoration will be approximately 2/3 prep and only 1/3 actual staining. We do not and will not cut comers when it comes to cleaning and preparing your fence for staining. Many pressure washing or painting companies will simply blast your wood with high pressure water without the use of any cleaners or conditioners. This is always the firs step to failure. Using the proper cleaners allows us to remove any old stains or sealers, kill any mold or mildew living on or in the wood, and restore the wood to a better than new appearance.

Proper fence restoration should include the following steps:
  • Remove any existing paints, stains or sealers from the deck.
  • Apply concentrated wood cleaner.
  • Gently pressure wash entire structure.
  • Neutralize and restore pH with wood brightener.
  • Rinse with low pressure water.
  • Let dry completely.
  • Apply two coats of penetrating oil stain.
  • Clean and re-apply a maintenance coat every 24 months

Need your fence restored and looking better than new?

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